A New Beginning

I love radio. I loved it as a child, I loved it as a teen, I listened to AFN on numerous deployments. My entire life, I have enjoyed listening to various people, various ideals, not just cornering myself to one set of genres. People who don't venture out and experience new things will never really experience life to its fullest. I have enjoyed doing my podcast, I enjoyed my two hours on Revolution Radio, but I still didn't feel fulfilled.

After much pondering & talking with people I trust, I felt it right to start my own radio station. Welcome to Fact Hunter Radio. We will have both live & pre-recorded radio for awhile, with our eventual goal of having 24/7 live radio. But these things take time.

The reason I felt compelled to do this is because of the events happening before us today. I feel the need to get the word out to the sleeping masses. There are still lots of people asleep, and they need to be awaken.

You will hear a variety of voices on this station. Some hosts may be religious, some may be spiritual, some, like many people, are simply searching for the truth.

Welcome to a new beginning, a new adventure, a new listening experience.

Welcome to Fact Hunter Radio.

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