On Air Personalities

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"The Fact Hunter"
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George is the founder of "The Fact Hunter" podcast & Fact hunter Radio. George served in the US Army for 25 years, including tours in Desert Storm, the Balkans, 4 tours of Iraq, and 9 months in support of OEF. George's awards and medals include three Bronze Stars & the combat action badge. George has been a warrior in the truth community since his retirement, and continues to expose the true traitors within our government. His continuous thirst for knowledge makes him one of the most riveting personalities on the airwaves. He is also author of the upcoming book "Betrayed:From Soldier to Truther."


Daniel is one of the most knowledgeable people in the truth community. Daniel is a veteran of the US Coast Guard & resides in the western part of the US. His labor of love is the Ba'al Busters Podcast, and video channels, and radio show. There we analyze hidden history, uncover deceptions, and identify the perpetrators using pattern recognition, and investigation. This podcast has come about after much extensive reading and research over the past decade into various topics of Infiltration, Corruption, Evil Forces, Dark Cults, and True Crime. Get your Sherlock hat & pipe, and grab your snorkel, it's time to go deep diving and hold these criminals accountable. WE don't just identify the problems, but we offer ideas on Solutions